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Start living a more meaningful life*today!

'Peter's and Robert's teachings are stimulating and inspiring. They will encourage and excite you to the point of action. I especially love their insights on belief.'*Rudy Ruettiger, inspiration for the film Rudy

Do busy schedules at home and at work sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed and uninspired? Do you feel stuck in a rut, going through the same routines or bored at a job you don't love? If you want to get more out of life, this remarkable book will show you that success is what happens to you, significance is what happens through you.

Sharing a powerful approach that has been used successfully by thousands of people, grounded in timeless spiritual principles, Living the Significant Life will help you focus on your passions, set and achieve goals, and harness your full potential in order to live a life filled with meaning*your best life. You'll learn essential principles to spur positive change, such as how to ask the right questions and embrace challenges instead of avoiding them. Filled with dramatic stories of people who have discovered how to live a more meaningful life, this book is the prescription you need to reinvigorate your dreams, rethink everyday routines, and reboot your future.


Foreword by Zig Ziglar

Introduction: From Success to Significance

Principle #1: Intensify Your Desire

Principle#2: Find Your Purpose

Principle #3: Fire Up Your Imagination

Principle #4: Don't Fear to be Fearless

Principle #5: Sharpen Your Focus

Principle #6: Set Specific Goals

Principle #7: Adjust Your Attitude

Principle #8: Embrace Challenge

Principle #9: Pinpoint Your Priorities

Principle #10: Believe in Belief

Principle #11: Strengthen Your Commitment

Principle #12: Make a Choice