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A hands-on guide for setting up and managing an Internet or intranet server on the Apple Mac OS 8 platform.



What Is an Internet-Enhanced Book?

1.The Global Recipe.

2.The Ingredients (Introduction).

The Mac OS. Internet Ingredients. The Internet Restaurant (Client-Server Interaction).

3.Preparing the Kitchen (Planning).

Who Is the Intended Audience? What Information Types Will I Encounter? What Human Resources Will I Need? What Hardware Will I Need? How Do I Connect to the Internet?

4.Choosing Your Appliances (Selecting Software).

FTP servers. Mail Services. Web Servers. Search Engines. Name Server. Client Software. Development Tools.

5.Digging In (Client Software).

Web Browsers. Using Ftp. Using a List Server. Graphics Viewers. Sound Player. Video Viewer. News Readers. IRC Chat Client.

6.Firing Up the Grill (Getting On-line).

Anonymous Ftp: NetPresenz. E-mail Services. Web Servers. Search Tools. Testing Your Internet Kitchen. Example Server Recipes.

7.Keeping a Clean and Healthy Kitchen (Staying On-line).

Basic System Maintenance. Server Management. Security.

8.An Orderly Menu (Information Layout).

Types of Information to Organize. Folder Hierarchy. File Naming.

9.Web Recipes (Basic Web Documents).

"Authoring" and Publishing. Hypertext and Text Markup. HTML The Basics. Design Basics. Putting It all Together. Publishing Your Web Pages.

10.Gourmet Web Recipes (Advanced Web Documents).

Tables. Clickable Maps. Frames. Server-Side Includes. "Active" Pages and HTML Extensions.

11.Forms (Web Input Processing).

Interactive Web Pages. Forms. The Common Gateway Interface (CGI). Common CGI Languages. Forms by Example. Cookies.

12.Cooking with Java and JavaScript (The Global Computer).

Computing via the Internet. JavaScript. Java. The Java Environment. Developing with Java and JavaScript.

13.Data Buffet (The Global Database).

Serving Databases. Database Connection Methods. Products and Tools. Examples.

14.Kitchen of the Future (Emerging Server Technology).

Rhapsody and Mac OS X.Webcasting. Beyond HTML. Group and Collaborative Environments.

Epilogue t Food for Thought.

Appendix A. Internet-based Resources for Learning the Mac OS.

Appendix B. HTML Reference Guide.