Management communication, (4th Ed.)


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O'Rourke, Management Communication 4e TOC

Chapter 1: Management Communication in Transition
Chapter 2: Communication and Strategy
Chapter 3: Communication Ethics
Chapter 4: Speaking
Chapter 5: Writing
Chapter 6: Persuasion
Chapter 7: Technology
Chapter 8: Listening and Feedback
Chapter 9: Nonverbal Communication
Chapter 10: Intercultural and International Communication
Chapter 11: Conflict Management
Chapter 12: Business Meetings
Chapter 13: Meeting the Media
Appendix A: Analyzing a Case Study
Appendix B: Writing a Case Study
Appendix C: Sample Business Letter
Appendix D: Sample Business Memo
Appendix E: Sample Strategy Memo
Appendix F: Documentation
Appendix G: Media Relations for Business Professionals
Appendix H: Sample Press Release