Managing high technology and innovation


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This text is designed to teach management skills used in today's business world. The fast pace of growth in the technology sector has created a strong demand for competent and well educated managers, specifically trained to lead in the complex and challenging technology based business world.
  • Introduction.
  • The Critical Factors for Success.
  • Creating a Favourable Environment for Inventors.
  • Minimizing the Research and Development Cycle.
  • Organizing for Smooth Transition from Research and Development to
  • Production.
  • Problems with Managing Multiproduct Organizations.
  • Marketing of High Technology, People, Strategies, and Timing.
  • The Global High-Technology Market.
  • Growing in High Technology by Acquisitions.
  • Organizing Strong Product Support.
  • How to Keep Ahead of Competition and Perpetuate Success.
  • A Case Study: COMPAQ at the Crossroads.
  • Questions for Further Reflection.
  • Appendix A: Excerpts from Compaq's 1996 Annual Report.
  • Index.