Mass murder in the united states


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This book presents readers with a comprehensive and readable manuscript dealing with the social issue of mass murder. By examining each type of mass killer using the same format, the authors hope that readers will be able to distinguish between mass and serial murderers. KEY TOPICS: Because looking at particular cases provides understanding as to the mentality and the mind of a mass killer, each chapter includes cases that illustrate the different types of mass killers. This coverage details the disciple mass killer, the family annihilator, the disgruntled employee mass killer, the ideological mass killer, the set-and-run mass killer, the disgruntled citizen mass killer, the psychotic mass killer, youthful killers in school shootings, and problems in mass murder investigation. For professionals in the fields of Criminal Justice, Sociology, Psychology, and Law Enforcement.
Preface. 1. Mass Murder in the United States. 2. History of Mass Murder in the United States. 3. What Is Mass Murder: Theory and Types. 4. The Disciple Mass Killer. 5. The Family Annihilator. 6. The Disgruntled Employee Mass Killer. 7. The Ideological Mass Killer. 8. The Set-and-Run Mass Killer. 9. The Disgruntled Citizen Mass Killer. 10. The Psychotic Mass Killer. 11. School Shootings. 12. Problems in Mass Murder Investigation.