Mass transfer: fundamentals and applications


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An introduction to the fundamentals and applications of microscopic and macroscopic mass transfer.

 1. Mass Transfer Fundamentals.

 2. Diffusion Coefficients.

 3. Formulation of Mass Transfer Models.

 4. Partial Differential Equations of Diffusion.

 5. Mass Transfer Coefficients.

 6. Convective Mass Transfer.

 7. Phase Equilibrium.

 8. Adsorption.

 9. Binary Distillation.

10. Multicomponent Distillation.

11. Extraction.

12. Mass Transfer in Continuous Differential Contactors.

13. Design of Staged Columns.

14. Adsorption.

Appendix A: Viscosity of Gases and Liquids.

Appendix B: Equilibrium Data.

Appendix C: Equilibrium K-Values.

Appendix D: Enthalpy Data.

Appendix E: Unit Conversion Factors and Constants.