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Your hands-on guide to materials handling and product movement methods for today's competitive facilities

Dramatically improve the movement of materials in any warehouse, distribution, or manufacturing facility. This book will introduce you to the latest methods for designing, organizing, operating, and maintaining a state-of-the-art materials handling/product movement system. You'll learn about horizontal and vertical transportation techniques for items of all sizes, and get full details on inventory control...identification systems...cost selection...product security...the use of consultants...and much more.

This essential logistics tool features:

-insights and tips from plant and warehouse pros that will make your materials handling operations more efficient and cost effective -scores of illustrations, forms, and tables to assist you in developing product movement strategies that can be implemented immediately -complete information on the requirements of manual, mechanized, and automated systems.

What is Product Movement and What is Its Future? Facility Layout and Product Flow Pattern Effects on Product Transportation Productivity and Materials Handling Costs. Small-Item and Hanging Garment Horizontal Transportation Concepts. Small-Item and Hanging Garment Vertical Transportation Concepts. Container, Box, Tote, or Carton Horizontal Transportation Concepts. Carton Vertical Transportation Concepts. Pallet or Unit-Load Horizontal Transportation Concepts. Pallet or Unit-Load Vertical Transportation Concepts. Outdoor Carton, Pallet-Load, or Unit-Load Horizontal and Vertical Transportation Concepts. How to Secure and Protect Your Product on Your Transportation Concept. Product Transportation Concept Project Management - Financial Justification to Implementation. The Best Identification System for Your Product Transportation Concept.