Mathematics for the trades (9th ed )


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MATHEMATICS FOR THE TRADES: A GUIDED APPROACH, 9/e focuses on the fundamental concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry needed by learners in technical trade programs. A wealth of exercises and applications, coded by trade area, include such trades as machine tool, plumbing, carpentry, electrician, auto mechanic, construction, electronics, metal-working, landscaping, drafting, manufacturing, HVAC, police science, food service, and many other occupational and vocational programs. The authors interviewed trades workers, apprentices, teachers, and training program directors to ensure realistic problems and applications and added over 100 new exercises to this edition. geometry, triangle trigonometry, and advanced algebra. MARKET: For individuals who will need technical math skills to succeed in a wide variety of trades.

Chapter 1: Arithmetic of Whole Numbers

Chapter 2: Fractions

Chapter 3: Decimal Numbers

Chapter 4: Ratio, Proportion and Percent

Chapter 5: Measurement

Chapter 6: Pre-Algebra

Chapter 7: Basic Algebra

Chapter 8: Practical Plane Geometry

Chapter 9: Solid Figures

Chapter 10: Triangle Trigonometry

Chapter 11: Advanced Algebra

Chapter 12: Statistics