Mechanisms of cortical development
Monographs of the Physiological Society Series, Vol. 48


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This is the first book that attempts to bring together what is known about the fundamental mechanisms that underlie the development of the cortex in mammals. Ranging from the emergence of the forebrain from the neural plate to the functioning adult form, the authors draw on evidence from several species to provide a detailed description of processes at each stage. Where appropriate, evidence is extrapolated from non-mammalian species to generate hypotheses about mammalian development. In contrast to other texts of developmental biology, Mechanisms of Cortical Development integrates information on regulatory processes at the levels of molecules, cells and metworks. The authors draw together an extensive literature on cellular development and structural morphology, biochemical and genetic events and hypotheses that have been subject to mathematical modelling. Important metholdogies, such as transgenics and formal modelling, are explained for the non-specialist. Major future challenges are clearly identified. This is a unique contribution to the literature, combining the fundamentals of experimental developmental neurobiology with accessible neural modelling. It will be essential reading for neuroscientists in general as well as those with a particular interest in development.
Chapter 1 - Introduction. Chapter 2 - Early development of the telencephalon. Chapter 3 - Molecular recognition of early forebrain and cortical development. Chapter 4 - Guidance of axons and innervation of cortical structures. Chapter 5 - Map formation. Chapter 6 - Mechanisms controlling the development of cortical connections at the target. Chapter 7 - Functional development of the cortex. Glossary.