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This book is a concentrated study of the foundations and practices of Medical Assisting and contains everything you need to know to succeed as a medical assistant. Each chapter begins with a description of the medical assistant's specific role as it pertains to the content presented in the chapter and also includes CAAHEP entry-level competencies for CMAs and ABHES entry-level competencies for RMAs. A list of competencies appears in chapters in which procedures are presented. For each competency, theory is discussed, required materials are listed, and the procedure is presented in the proper format with the task, conditions, and a space for the instructor to add the required standard (time limits, required accuracy, or necessary achievement).

List of Procedures xxvii

Preface xxxiii

About the Authors xxxv

Acknowledgments xxxvii

Unit I Introduction to the Medical Assisting Profession

Chapter 1 The Medical Assistant Profession and the History of Healthcare


The Medical Assistant's Role in Healthcare 3

The History of Medicine 3

Early Healing Practices 3

Healing Based on the Supernatural 4

Early Egyptian Medicine 4

Early Chinese Medicine 4

Early Native American Medicine 4

Hippocrates and Early Contributors 4

The Beginning of Hand Washing in Healthcare 7

Antisepsis Use in Healthcare 7

The Medical Value of X-Rays 7

Important Organizations in Medical History 7

The History of American Hospitals 8

The History of the American Medical Association 8

The Start of the American Red Cross 9

Important Women in Healthcare 9

The Work of Marie Curie 9

The Role of Florence Nightingale 9

The Contributions of the Blackwell Sisters 10

The World Health Organization 10

Ethics and Patient Rights 10

The American Hospital Association's Patient Bill of Rights (1973) 10

Professionalism 10

Communication and Medical Terminology 12

Physical Requirements 12

Character 12

Scope of Practice for Medical Assistants 12

Job Opportunities 13

Medical Assistant Educational Programs 13

Educational Requirements of Medical Assisting 13

Certification Examination 15

Multiple Medical-Assisting Statuses 15

Chapter 2 Medical Assisting Today 19

Introduction 20

The Medical Assistant's Role in Healthcare Today 20

The History of the Medical Assisting Profession 20

The Requirements of Other Allied Health Associations 21

The American Medical Technologists (AMT) 21

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) 22

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) 22

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity 22

Choosing Medical Assisting as a Career 22

Understanding Medical-Assisting Responsibilities 22

Identifying Positive Medical-Assisting Qualities 23

Understanding the Medical Assistant's Role Outside the Office 25

Managing Time Effectively in the Medical Office 25

Procedure 2-1 Adapt to Change 25

Healthcare Team Members 26

Physician 26

Physician's Assistant 26

Nurse Practitioner 26

Nurse 26

Pharmacist 26

Other Healthcare Team Members 27

Medical Practice Specializations 28

Chapter 3 Professionalism n the Workplace 32

Introduction 33

The Medical Assistant's Role in Professionalism 33

What Is Professionalism? 33

Characteristics of Professional Behavior 34

Competence 34

Honesty 34

Compassion 34

Respect for Others 35

Responsibility 35

Professional Demeanor 35

Loyalty 35

Attitude 35

Working Together as a Team 35

Prioritizing Tasks 36

Barriers to Professionalism 36

Bringing Personal Problems into the Workplace 36

Taking Care of Personal Business While at Work 36

Inappropriate Discussions in Front of Patients 36

Procrastination of Duties 36

Chapter 4 Medical Law and Ethics 39

Introduction 41

The Medical Assistant's Role in Medical Law and Ethics 42

The Sources of Law 42