Medical surgical nursing care (3rd ed )


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Answers the question, what do practical vocational nurses need to know and to be able to do in order to deliver safe and effective medical-surgical nursing care? This comprehensive book, in a brand new 3rd edition, prepares basic practical/vocational nursing students to care for adult clients with medical or surgical disorders or diseases. Completely updated with new information and an emphasis on the nursing role, it explains the risk factors, causes, and pathophysiology of common disorders and diseases, and reviews diagnostic tests and medical management of the disorders. A focus on nursing care is presented in a nursing process format-including assessment data to collect, nursing diagnoses with suggested interventions and their rationales, and evaluation data to determine the effectiveness of nursing care. Some exciting features include:

  • Nursing process care plans
  • Critical thinking self-checks
  • Rationale for each nursing intervention.
  • Nursing care and procedure checklists.

Unit I Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing

1Nursing in the 21st Century

2Health, Illness, and Settings of Care

3Cultural and Developmental Considerations for Adults

4The Older Adult Client in Health and Illness

5Guidelines for Client Assessment

6Essential Nursing Pharmacology

Unit II Foundations of Medical Surgical Nursing

7Caring for Clients with Altered Fluid, Electrolyte, or Acid-Base Balance

8Caring for Clients in Pain

9Caring for Clients with Inflammation and Infection

10Caring for Client having Surgery

11Caring for Clients with Altered Immunity

12Caring for Clients with Cancer

13Loss, Grief, and End-of-Life Care

14Caring for Clients Experiencing Shock, Trauma, or Disasters

Unit III Cardiovascular System Disorders

15The Cardiovascular System and Assessment

16Caring for Clients with Coronary Heart Disease and Dysrhythmias

17Caring for Clients with Cardiac Disorders

18Caring for Clients with Peripheral Vascular Disorders

Unit IV Hematologic and Lymphatic Systems Disorders

19The Hematologic and Lymphatic Systems and Assessment

20Caring for Clients with Hematologic and Lymphatic Disorders

Unit V Respiratory System Disorders

21The Respiratory System and Assessment

22Caring for Clients with Upper Respiratory Disorders

23Caring for Clients with Lower Respiratory Disorders

Unit VI Gastrointestinal System Disorders

24The Gastrointestinal System and Assessment

25Caring for Clients with Nutritional and Upper Gastrointestinal Disorders

26Caring for Clients with Bowel Disorders

27Caring for Clients with Gallbladder, Liver, and Pancreatic Disorders

Unit VII Urinary System Disorders

28The Urinary System and Assessment

29Caring for Clients with Urinary Tract and Kidney Disorders

Unit VIII Reproductive Systems Disorders

30The Reproductive System and Assessment

31Caring for Male Clients with Reproductive System Disorders

32Caring for Female Clients with Reproductive System Disorders

33Caring for Clients with Sexually Transmitted Infections

Unit IX Endocrine Disorders

34The Endocrine System and Assessment

35Caring for Clients with Endocrine Disorders

36Caring for Clients with Diabetes Mellitus

Unit X Neurologic Disorders

37The Nervous System and Assessment

38Caring for Clients with Intracranial Disorders

39Caring for Clients with Degenerative Neurologic and Spinal Cord Disorders

40Caring for Clients with Eye and Ear Disorders

Unit XI Musculoskeletal Disorders

41The Musculoskeletal System and Assessment

42Caring for Clients with Musculoskeletal Trauma

43Caring for Clients with Musculoskeletal Disorders

Unit XII Integumentary System...