Medieval european coinage volume 6 the british isles
Medieval European Coinage Series, Vol. 8


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This volume of Medieval European Coinage traces the coinage and monetary history of Britain and Ireland in the early Middle Ages, offering the first major single-volume treatment of the subject in decades. It examines the period from the end of the Roman province of Britain in the fifth century to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 and the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169?71. The volume re-evaluates the complex seventh- and eighth-century English coinages, follows the evolution of the Anglo-Saxon coinage into one of the most sophisticated monetary systems in medieval Europe, and also covers the coins issued by Viking settlers in parts of England and Ireland. Bringing recent advances in historical and numismatic research to a wider audience, this landmark volume is supported by one of the most complete catalogues of the period illustrating the world-class collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum.
1. Introduction; 2. From Roman Britain to Anglo-Saxon England; 3. Early Anglo-Saxon gold coinage; 4. The early silver pennies; 5. The kingdom of Northumbria; 6. The 'Mercian supremacy' in the age of Offa and Coenwulf; 7. The rise of Wessex in southern England; 8. The reign of Alfred the Great; 9. England from Edward the Elder to Edgar's reform; 10. The late Anglo-Saxon coinage; 11. The Anglo-Viking coinages; 12. Wales and Scotland; 13. The Isle of Man and 'Irish Sea' coinages; 14. Ireland to 1170; Appendices; Bibliography; Catalogue; Concordances; Indexes.
Dr Rory Naismith is Lecturer in Early Medieval British History at King's College London and formerly a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge. He has published extensively on the history of early medieval Britain and Europe, particularly from an economic and monetary perspective. Previous books include The Coinage of Southern England, 796–865 (2011) and Money and Power in Anglo-Saxon England: The Southern English Kingdoms 757–865 (Cambridge, 2012), winner of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists Best First Book Prize 2013.