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The recipient of the 1992 Professional and Scholarly Publishing Award for the most outstanding engineering reference work, the Membrane Handbook thoroughly covers principles, membrane modules, process design, applications, cost estimates, and data for membrane processes--in one exhaustive, single source! Enhanced by over 400 illustrations, it examines today's important commercialized membrane processes such as dialysis and reverse osmosis, as well as details actively emerging technologies such as membrane reactors and membrane-based solvent extraction. Each section exhaustively covers a different process - including theory, design considerations, and cost-effective operation. Turn to the Membrane Handbook for comprehensive coverage of the eight commercialized membrane separation processes using synthetic membranes, an in-depth discussion of state-of-the-art membrane processes under development, or a thorough review of the published literature. Every scientist and technician in the petroleum, petrochemical, paper, textile, pharmaceutical, or electronics industry will want the Membrane Handbook at their fingertips. Engineers involved with food technology, medical technology, pollution control, and water treatment will also value its clear, practical guidance in this increasing vital area.
Overview. Gas permeation. Pervaporation. Dialysis. Electrodialysis. Reverse osmosis. Ultrafiltration. Microfiltration. Emulsion liquid membranes. New membrane processes under development. Controlled release.