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Metamorphosis addresses various facets of postembryonic development, particularly signal transduction, morphogenesis, cell-cell interactions, and programmed cell death. A key feature of the book is its exploration of the molecular mechanisms underlying these processes.

  • Hormonal regulation of development
  • The mechanisms of hormone action
  • The steroid/thyroid hormone receptor family
  • Morphogenesis and programmed cell death

Insects: Evolution of Insect Metamorphosis Endocrine Cascade in Insect Metamorphosis Ecdysone-Regulated Chromosome Puffing in Drosophila Melanogaster Chromosme Puffing: Supramolecular Aspects of Ecdysteroid Hormone Action. Molecular Aspects of Juvenile Hormone Action in Insect Metamorphosis Metamorphosis of the Cuticle, Its Proteins and Their Genes Metamorphosis of the Insect Nervous System Gene Regulation in Imaginal Disc and Salivary Gland Development During Drosophila Metamorphosis Genes Involved in Postembryonic Cell Proliferation in Drosphila Amphibians: Endocrinology of Amphibian Metamorphosis Neuroendocrine Control of Amphibian Metamorphosis Neuroendocrine Control of Amphibian Metamorphosis Hormonal Interplay and Thyroid Hormone Receptor Expression During Amphibian Metamorphosis Thyroid Hormone-Regulated Early and Late Genes During Amphibians Metamorphosis Reprogramming of Genes Expressed in Amphibian Liver During Metamorphosis Switching of Globin Genes During Anuran Metamorphosis Hormone-Induced Changes in Keratin Gene Expression During Amphibian Skin Metamorphosis Metamorphosis: An Immunologically Unique Period in the Life of the Frog Cell Death and Histolysis in Amphibian Tail During Metamorphosis