Microelectronic circuit design (bound)


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1152 p. · Hardback
Introduction to electronics. Solid state electronics. Solid-state diodes and diode circuits. Field-effect transistors. Bipolar junction transistors. Introduction to digital electronics. MOS logic design. Complementary MOS (CMOS) logic design. MOS memory and advanced logic circuits. Bipolar logic circuits. Analogue systems. Operational amplifiers. Small-signal modelling and linear amplification. Single transistor amplifiers. Multistage amplifiers. Analogue integrated circuits. Frequency response. Feedback. Stability and oscillators.
This text develops a comprehensive understanding of the basic techniques of modern electronic circuit design : analogue and digital, discrete and integrated. The author presents a very balanced coverage of digital and analogue circuits but in a revolutionary new way : he presents digital before analogue. An evolutionary approach to complex analogue circuit design is used. Design concepts are emphasized wherever possible.