Micromanufacturing Engineering and Technology (2nd Ed.)
Micro and Nano Technologies Series

Coordinator: Qin Yi

Language: Anglais
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Micromanufacturing Engineering and Technology, Second Edition, covers the major topics of micro-manufacturing. The book not only covers theory and manufacturing processes, but it uniquely focuses on a broader range of practical aspects of micro-manufacturing engineering and utilization by also covering materials, tools and equipment, manufacturing system issues, control aspects and case studies. By explaining material selection, design considerations and economic aspects, the book empowers engineers in choosing among competing technologies. With a focus on low-cost and high-volume micro-manufacturing processes, the updated title covers technologies such as micro-mechanical-cutting, laser-machining, micro-forming, micro-EDM, micro-ECM, hot-embossing, micro-injection molding, laser micro-sintering, thin film fabrication, inkjet technology, micro-joining, multiple processes machines, and more. Edited by one of the few world-experts in this relatively new, but rapidly-expanding area and presenting chapters written by a 40-strong team of leading industry specialists, this book is an invaluable source of information for engineers, R&D researchers and academics.

  • Covers key micro-manufacturing technologies, processes and equipment with high-volume production capabilities, enabling large companies as well as SMEs to introduce those technologies in production and business and reduce production costs
  • Outlines micro-manufacturing system engineering and practical issues pertaining to material, design, handling, metrology, inspection, testing, sensors, control, system integration and software, and micro-factories
  • Enables manufacturing practitioners to choose the right technology suitable for a particular product-manufacture
1. Overview on Micro-Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
2. Micro/Nano-Mechanical Machining
3. Focused Ion-Beam Machining
4. Micro/Nano-EDM
5. Laser Ablation for Micro-manufacturing
6. Micro-Electro-chemical-machining
7. Micro/Nano-hot embossing
8. Shaping of polymerical micro-tubes
9. Micro-injection moulding
10. Soft moulding and micro-sintering
11. Micro-electrical-field-activated-sintering
12. Micro-bulk-forming
13. Micro-sheet-forming
14. Micro-hydroforming
15. Micro-laser-forming
16. Micro-mechanical assembly
17. Micro-moulding for assembly
18. Micro-joining (laser welding and soldering)
19. Deep X-Ray Lithography
20. Micro-surface treatment (plasma PVD, PECVD)
21. Micro-tools with Diamond-Like Coating
22. Thin film fabrication
23. Advanced Inkjet Technology for Micro-Fabrication
24. Micro/nano-materials processing by spinning
25. Micro-tooling process chains
26. Handling for Micro-manufacturing
27. Robotics for Micro-manufacturing
28. Metrology in Micro-Manufacturing
29. OCT: a novel technique for the characterisation of micro-parts and -structures
30. In-situ micro-materials testing
31. Micro-factory for micro-manufacturing
32. Micro-material and process modelling
33. Manufacturing system integration and software
34. Life cycle assessment of micro-manufacturing technologies
Engineers, Academia, Researchers, and Senior students in Mechanical/ Manufacturing/ Materials/ Design Engineering
He is a Director of the Centre for Micro-Manufacturing, Leader of Knowledge Exchanges of the Department of Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management, at the University of Strathclyde. His main contributions to knowledge in manufacturing, to-date, include new analysis methods for material processing and micro-forming, new forming processes, tool and machine designs, and new manufacturing system concepts. Prof. Qin has published over 170 academic papers/books on various subjects in these fields. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Manufacturing Review, a Fellow of the Institute of Nanotechnology and Higher Education Academy, Secretary to the Committee of the Consortium of UK University Manufacturing Engineering (COMEH), Member of the European Micro and Nano-Manufacturing Platform. He was a Member of the Scientific Committee of European Scientific Association for Materials Forming from 2006-2012.