Midwifery (3rd Ed.)
Preparation for Practice


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Midwifery: Preparation for Practice is both highly respected and upheld as the definitive midwifery text for the Australian and New Zealand market. Written and edited by a selection of internationally recognised leaders in the midwifery, this book shares the wealth of knowledge and expertise in midwifery practice, education, research and regulation.

This text aims to develop and support competent, confident midwives by providing up-to-date evidence and practice based resources for students and midwives who work in partnership with women in woman-centred models of midwifery care.

  1. Australian and New Zealand health care and maternity systems
  2. The Australian and New Zealand context
  3. Models of health
  4. Midwifery and maternity in a global context
  5. Risk, fear and safety
  6. Ways of looking at evidence and measurement
  7. The place of birth
  8. Challenges to women's health
  9. Midwives working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women
  10. Midwives and Maori women: Advancing our relationships
  11. Options for women around fertility and reproduction
  12. Professional frameworks for practice in Australia and New Zealand
  13. Legal frameworks for practice in Australia and New Zealand
  14. Ethical frameworks for practice
  15. Sustaining midwifery practice
  16. Theoretical frameworks for midwifery practice
  17. Working in partnership
  18. Working in collaboration
  19. Promoting physiological birth
  20. The physiology of conception and pregnancy
  21. Nutrition and physical activity foundation for pregnancy, childbirth and lactation
  22. Screening and assessment
  23. Working with women in pregnancy
  24. Physiological changes during labour
  25. Supporting women in labour and birth
  26. Working with pain in labour
  27. Using water for labour and birth
  28. Perineal care and repair
  29. Physiological changes during the postnatal period
  30. Supporting women becoming mothers
  31. Transitions to motherhood
  32. Supporting the newborn infant
  33. Supporting the breastfeeding mother
  34. Completing the midwife-woman partnership
  35. Pharmacology and prescribing
  36. Contraception
  37. Challenges in pregnancy
  38. Disturbances in the rhythm of labour
  39. Interventions in pregnancy labour and birth
  40. Maternal life-threatening emergencies
  41. Complications in the post-natal period for the mother
  42. The compromised neonate
  43. Grief and loss during childbearing

Primary: Bachelor of Midwifery and Postgraduate Midwifery

Secondary:Practising midwives - Continuing Professional Development (CPD)