Modern Cable Television Technology (2nd Ed.)
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Fully updated, revised, and expanded, this second edition of Modern Cable Television Technology addresses the significant changes undergone by cable since 1999--including, most notably, its continued transformation from a system for delivery of television to a scalable-bandwidth platform for a broad range of communication services. It provides in-depth coverage of high speed data transmission, home networking, IP-based voice, optical dense wavelength division multiplexing, new video compression techniques, integrated voice/video/data transport, and much more.

Intended as a day-to-day reference for cable engineers, this book illuminates all the technologies involved in building and maintaining a cable system. But it's also a great study guide for candidates for SCTE certification, and its careful explanations will benefit any technician whose work involves connecting to a cable system or building products that consume cable services.

*Written by four of the most highly-esteemed cable engineers in the industry with a wealth of experience in cable, consumer electronics, and telecommunications.

*All new material on digital technologies, new practices for delivering high speed data, home networking, IP-based voice technology, optical dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM), new video compression techniques, and integrated voice/video/data transport.

*Covers the latest on emerging digital standards for voice, data, video, and multimedia.

*Presents distribution systems, from drops through fiber optics, an covers everything from basic principles to network architectures.
Part 1 Once Over Lightly

Chapter 1 Introduction to Cable Television

Part 2 The Signals

Chapter 2 Analog Television
Chapter 3 Digitally-Compressed Television
Chapter 4 Digital Modulation
Chapter 5 Cable Networking Protocols
Chapter 6 Cable Telephony

Part 3 Headends

Chapter 7 Signal Reception
Chapter 8 Headend Signal Processing
Chapter 9 Headend Operation

Part 4 Broadband Distribution Systems

Chapter 10 Coaxial RF Technology
Chapter 11 Coaxial Distribution Design
Chapter 12 Linear Fiber-Optic Signal Transportation
Chapter 13 Wavelength-Division Multiplexing
Chapter 14 Linear Microwave Signal Transportation
Chapter 15 End-to-End Performance
Chapter 16 Upstream Issues

Part 5 System Architecture

Chapter 17 Service-Related Architecture Requirements
Chapter 18 Architectural Elements and Examples
Chapter 19 Digital Fiber Modulation and Deep Fiber Architectures
Chapter 20 Network Reliability

Part 6 Customer Interface Issues

Chapter 21 Analog Video Reception
Chapter 22 Digital Video Reception
Chapter 23 Consumer Electronics Interface
Chapter 24 Equipment Compatibility
Chapter 25 Home Networks

Appendix A: Channel Allocation
Appendix B: Video Waveforms
Appendix C: Digital Video Components

cable engineers, telecom engineers, computer network engineers, and consumer electronics engineers

David Large is a Principal in the consulting firm Media Connections Group. He is a Fellow Member of the SCTE, a Senior Member of the IEEE, a member of the NCTA Engineering Committee and a member of the NCTA/EIA Joint Engineering Committee.

James Farmer is the Chief Technical Officer and Executive Vice President of Quality at ANTEC. A respected industry expert and communicator, Jim is widely published and is active in the National Cable Television Association (NCTA), the Society of Cable Television Engineers (SCTE), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), among others.