Modern site planning (1st ed )


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BEFORE BUILDING: SITE PLANNING IN THE DIGITAL AGE, 1/e is a comprehensive, up-to-date text that will help both students and practitioners thoroughly understand the current issues and technologies surrounding the process of site planning. It covers every topic required for a course in site planning, including land use controls and the history behind the law. It also presents detailed coverage of the role of computer technologies in supporting site planning, including up-to-date hardware, software, and applications. This is an ideal resource for third-year students in architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering, and urban planning others preparing for state architecture or landscape architecture board examinations, and professionals in the field.

Part I Site Planning in History

Chapter 1 Historical References

Chapter 2 Environmental Ethics: A Value System in Change

Chapter 3 Progress of a Different Color

Part II Until Recently

Chapter 4 More Than a Digital Pencil

Chapter 5 From Graphite to a CPU

Chapter 6Getting Organized

Part III Environmental Inventory and Assessment

Chapter 7 The Method of Inventory

Chapter 8 Geology

Chapter 9 Vegetation

Chapter 10 Hydrology

Chapter 11 Climate and Site

Part IV The Site in Change

Chapter 12 Digital Reality in Practice

Chapter 13 Earthworks

Chapter 14 Grading

Chapter 15 Retaining Walls

Chapter 16 Topography and Surveys

Chapter 17 Stormwater Management

Part V Infrastructure and Regulation

Chapter 18 Roads and Streets

Chapter 19 Parking

Chapter 20 Pedestrian Circulation and Signage

Chapter 21 The Building and Energy

Chapter 22 Land Use Controls

Part VI Applying Theory to Practice

Chapter 23Creating Digital Graphics

Chapter 24 The Site Plannning Process


A Stations Providing Local Climatological Data

B Sun Pegs for Various Latitudes

C Model CAD File Organization