Multiresolution Signal Decomposition (2nd Ed.)


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The uniqueness of this book is that it covers such important aspects of modern signal processing as block transforms from subband filter banks and wavelet transforms from a common unifying standpoint, thus demonstrating the commonality among these decomposition techniques. In addition, it covers such "hot" areas as signal compression and coding, including particular decomposition techniques and tables listing coefficients of subband and wavelet filters and other important properties.
The field of this book (Electrical Engineering/Computer Science) is currently booming, which is, of course, evident from the sales of the previous edition. Since the first edition came out there has been much development, especially as far as the applications. Thus, the second edition addresses new developments in applications-related chapters, especially in chapter 4 "Filterbrook Families: Design and Performance," which is greatly expanded.

* Unified and coherent treatment of orthogonal transforms, subbands, and wavelets
* Coverage of emerging applications of orthogonal transforms in digital communications and multimedia
* Duality between analysis and synthesis filter banks for spectral decomposition and synthesis and analysis transmultiplexer structures
* Time-frequency focus on orthogonal decomposition techniques with applications to FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA
1. Introduction
2. Orthogonal Transforms
3. Theory of Subband Decomposition
4. Filter Bank Families: Design and Performance
5. Time-Frequency Representations
6. Wavelet Transform
7. Applications

A. Resolution of the Identity and Inversion
B. Orthonormality in Frequency
C. Problems