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1. The I Chord and Nonchordal Tones. 2. The V and V7 Chords. 3. The IV Chord. 4. The Cadential 6/4 Chord. 5. The I6 and V6 Chords. 6. The ii and ii6 Chords. 7. Inversions of V7 and the vii06 Chord. 8. The vi and IV6 Chords. 9. The ii7 Chord and Its Inversions. 10. Other Uses of 6/4 Chords. 11. The III and VIII Chords. 12. The vii07 and vii7 Chords and Their Inversions. 13. Remaining Diatonic Seventh Chords. 14. Modal Mixture. 15. Applied Dominant Chords. 16. Diminished-Seventh Chords Applied-Dominant Function. 17. Diminished-Seventh Chords Other Functions. 18. Modulation to the Dominant in Major. 19. Modulation to the Dominant in Minor. 20. Modulation to the Mediant from a Minor Tonic. 21. Modulation to Other Closely-Related Keys. 22. The “Neapolitan” Chord. 23. Augmented-Sixth Chords. 24. “9th,” “11th,” and “13th” Chords. 25. Other Chromatic Chords. 26. The Augmented Triad. 27. The Whole-Tone Scale. 28. Quartal Harmony. 29. Polychords and Polytonality. 30. Twelve-Tone Technique.