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142 p. · 17.1x24.6 cm · Hardback
Practical, creative and original ideas show teachers how they can make effective use of English-language newspapers in the classroom. The activities include ways of exploiting newspapers both for their language and their cultural content. A guide to the availability of English-language newspapers worldwide is included.
The author and series editor. Foreword. Introduction. How to use this book. 1. Working creatively with newspapers. A short chapter inviting teachers to take stock of their existing knowledge and think about the kinds of new ideas that could be introduced into the classroom.. 2. Building confidence and familiarity (30 activities). Activities designed to make students feel that they can handle newspapers.. 3. Working with texts (22 activities). Text-based activities which require extensive, discriminating, authentic reading.. 4. Working with pictures (15 activities). Matching activities which treat texts and pictures as complementary and in a parallel relationship.. 5. Project work (14 activities). A range of ideas for project work, some requiring half a day's work, and others several days or even weeks.. 6. Personal responses (19 activities). Activities which bring together responses to newspaper materials and personal experiences, memories, and feelings.alt,br /agt,. Appendix. Bibliography.