Nursing basics for clinical practice (1st ed )


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Unit I The Nature of Nursing

1 Principles of Nursing and Evidence-Based Practice

2 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Nursing

3 Health Care Delivery Systems

4 Cultural and Heritage

5 Health Beliefs and Practices

Unit II The Nursing Process

6 Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning

7 The Nursing Process

8 Informatics, Documentation and Reporting

Unit III

9 Promoting Health Throughout the Lifespan

10 Promoting Health in Elders

11 Promoting Health in the Family

Unit IV Integral Aspects of Nursing

12 Caring

13 Communicating

14 Teaching

15 Leading, Managing, and Delegating

Unit V Assessing Health

16 Vital Signs

17 Health Assessment

18 Pain Assessment and Management

Unit VI Integral Components of Client Care

19 Asepsis

20 Diagnostic Testing

21 Safety

22 Hygiene

23 Medications

24 Skin Integrity and Wound Care

25 Perioperative Nursing

Unit VII Promoting Psychosocial Health

26 Sensory Perception

27 Self-Concept

28 Sexuality

29 Spirituality

30 Coping with Stress, Loss, and Death

Unit VIII Promoting Physiologic Health

31 Activity, Exercise, and Sleep


33 Urinary Elimination

34 Fecal Elimination

35 Oxygenation and Circulation

36 Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance