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Subject for Optoelectronics

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352 p. · 23.5x17.8 cm · Hardback
Radiometry and photometry. Elements of geometric optics. Radiation sources. Lasers. Displays. Radiation detectors. Optical sensors and optocouplers. Principles of fiber optics.

1. Radiometry and Photometry.

2. Elements of Geometric Optics.

3. Radiation Sources.

4. Lasers.

5. Displays.

6. Radiation Detectors.

7. Optical Sensors and Octocouplers.

8. Principles of Fiber Optics.

This new text takes a simple, non-mathematical approach to the full spectrum of optoelectronics, from radiometry and photometry to the latest in fiber optics. Rather than focus on the complexities of optoelectronic theory and the inner workings of a multitude of devices. It emphasizes applications giving students a wealth of sound information on how to use optoelectronic devices in real, functional optoelectronic designs.