Organizational behavior and management with olc and powerweb card (7th ed )


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The revitalized and new author team of Ivancevich, Konopaske and Matteson has listened and responded to reviewers', instructors', and students' suggestions on how to continue to make Organizational Behavior and Management, 7e a more user-friendly and application rich introductory OB textbook. To accomplish this, OBM 7e has achieved the difficult goal of balancing between preserving its key strengths (i.e., thorough, current, good mixture of research and practice, integrated text with relevant readings/cases/exercises) and revitalizing its content and internal appearance in several high-impact ways. "Preserving while revitalizing" captures the spirit of what I/K/M used as a guiding principle while writing OBM 7e.

Part 1: The Field of Organizational Behavior

Chapter 1: Introduction to Organizational Behavior

Chapter 2: Organizational Culture

Part 2: Understanding and Managing Individual Behavior

Chapter 3: Individual Differences and Work Behavior

Chapter 4: Perceptions and Emotions (NEW)

Chapter 5: Motivation

Chapter 6: Job Design, Work, and Motivation

Chapter 7: Evaluation, Feedback, and Rewards

Chapter 8: Managing Misbehavior (NEW)

Chapter 9: Managing Individual Stress

Part 3: Group Behavior and Interpersonal Influence

Chapter 10: Groups and Teams

Chapter 11: Managing Conflict and Negotiations

Chapter 12: Power, Politics, and Empowerment

Part 4: Organizational Processes

Chapter 13: Communication

Chapter 14: Decision Making

Chapter 15: Leadership

Part 5: Organization System

Chapter 16: Organizational Structure and Design

Chapter 17: Managing Change, Innovation, and Creativity

Appendix 1 (old Appendix 1B - Quantitative and Qualitative Research Techniques


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