Painting, staining and finishing (bound)


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Cover of the book Painting, staining and finishing (bound)

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318 p. · 23x18.8 cm · Hardback

Part 1: The Basics. Tools, Equipment and Materials. Paint. Primers. Color.
Part 2: Interior Painting. Preparation. Painting. Specialty Finishes. Waterproofing Walls. Problems and Solutions.
Part 3: Interior Wood Finishing. Finish Raw Wood. Removing Paint and Stain.
Part 4: Exterior Preparation. Preparing the Surfaces. Exterior Painting. Stains. Clear Coatings. Paint Problems.
Part 5: Spray Painting. Spray Painting Indoors and Outdoors.
Part 6: Hanging Wall Coverings. What is Available. Preparing Walls for Wall covering. Removing Wall Coverings. Hanging Various Wall Coverings. Problems with Wall Coverings.