Palliative day care in practice

Coordinators: Hearn Julie, Myers Kathryn

Language: Anglais

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176 p. · 13.9x21.6 cm · Paperback
This edited book provides a comprehensive overview of the current philosophy, patterns and policies of palliative day care. It places emphasis on the need to evaluate performance in palliative day care. Audit, health economics and research in palliative day care, and their associated problems and pitfalls, are therefore described.
K. Myers & J. Hearn: An introduction to palliative day care: past and present,. Part 1: Higginson . D. Goodwin: Needs assessment in day care, Y. Gunaratnam: Working across cultures of difference: ethnicity and the challenge for palliative day care, K. O'Keefe: Establishing day care, C. Kennett: Psychosocial day care, A. Tookman & K. Scharpen-von Heussen: The role of the doctor in day care, J. Hearn: Audit in palliative day care: what, why, when, how, where, and who, H-R. Douglas & C. Normand: The role of health economics, K. Myers: Future perspectives for day care
Kathryn Myers trained in Medicine at St. Anne's College Oxford and the Royal London Hospital Medical School, graduating in 1986. Worked in general medicine and haematology before training in palliative medicine in the North Thames region. One of the founders of the Thames regions palliative day care study. Previously worked as a consultant at the Mildmay Hospital, UK, providing palliative care for people with HIV and AIDS. She now works part-time. Julie Hearn joined King's College Medical School/St Christopher's Hospice to helpf set up the Department of Palliative Care and Policy. She continues to work on projects evaluating the effectiveness of palliative care services and on the epidemiology of cancer pain control. Julie completed a part-time Masters degree in Public Health at St GeorgeÕs Hospital in 1997. She joined the UK Co-ordinating Committee on Cancer Research as Deputy Executive Secretary in 1998, and was appointed Acting Executive Secretary in August 2000.
  • Brings together the totality of current literature in the field
  • Highlights those areas requiring research and development for the benefit of patient care
  • Audit, health economics and research in palliative day care, and their associated problems and pitfalls are described.
  • Provides easy access to a summary of relevant information for those already providing palliative day care, and an overview for those responsible for purchasing such care