Pathology Reviews • 1990, 1990

Coordinators: Damjanov Ivan, Rubin Emanuel

Language: Anglais

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Pathology Reviews • 1990
Publication date:
255 p. · 21x28 cm · Paperback

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Pathology reviews 1990
Publication date:
256 p. · 21x27.9 cm
Cell and Metabolic Disorders. Regulation of Liver Growth: Protooncogenes and Transforming Growth Factors. Mechanism of Mineral Formation in Bone. Contractile Cells in Normal and Fibrotic Lungs. Role of Folate Binding Proteins in Folate Metabolism. New Clues for Solving the 'Riddle of the Mast Cell':: Microenvironmental Regulation of Mast Cell Development and Phenotypic Heterogeneity. Inflammation and Immunity. HLA Class II Polymorphism. Interleukin 6: A Multifunctional Cytokine Regulating Immune Reactions and the Acute Phase Protein Response. IgA Nephropathy: Pathogenesis of the Most Common Form of Glomerulonephritis. Goodpasture Syndrome: Molecular Architecture and Function of the Basement Membrane Antigen. Pathogenesis of Anti-Basement Membrane Glomerulopathy and Immune Complex Glomerulonephritis: Dichotomy Dissolved. Tumor Biology. Molecular Mechanisms of Oncogenesis. DNA Repair and Its Pathogenetic Implications. Molecular Diagnosis of Human Cancer. Role of Inhibition of Intercellular Communication in Carcinogenesis. Comparative Study of Human and Rat Mammary Tumorigenesis. Index.