Pathophysiology: concepts and applications for health care professionals (3rd ed )


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The traditional pathophysiology book is written for the medical student. Nursing and allied health students (usually at the sophomore level) have simply had to make-do with cumbersome (1500 to 1600 page) books, that assume considerably more science background than the typical allied health student has acquired. The Nowak book is not only briefer (at 700 pages) but is organized in a manner that brings the principles of pathophysiology to the forefront. The authors focus on the relatively few patterns of disease, rather than asking students to memorize extensive catalogs of specific diseases. This conceptual approach is more suited to the allied health student than the disease centered approach featured in the major competitors.

Part 1 Foundation Concepts of Pathophysiology

1 Cell Injury

2 Inflammation

3 Fever

4 Healing

5 Diseases of Immunity

6 Neoplasis

Part 2 Systemic Pathophysiology

7 Blood Disorders

8 Hemodynamic Disorders

9 Vascular Disorders

10 Cardiac Pathophysiology

11 Circulatory Shock

12 Respiratory Pathophysiology

13 Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology

14 Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Pathophysiology

15 Renal Pathophysiology

16 Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalances

17 Endocrine Pathophysiology

18 Skeletal and Muscular Pathophysiology

19 Reproductive Pathophysiology

20 Disorders of Central Nervous System Development, Vascular Support, and Protection

21 Disorders of Movement, Sensation, and Mental Function

22 Seizures and Epilepsy

23 Pain and Pain Management

24 Trauma