PC Viruses
Detection, Analysis and Cure

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PC viruses are not necessarily a major disaster despite what is sometimes written about them. But a virus infection is at the very least a nuisance, and potentially can lead to loss of data. Quite often it is the user's panic reaction to discovering a virus infection that does more than the virus itself. This book demystifies PC viruses, providing clear, accurate information about this relatively new PC problem. It enables managers and PC users to formulate an appropriate response; adequate for prevention and cure, but not `over the top'. Over 100 PC viruses and variants are documented in detail. You are told how to recognise each one, what it does, how it copies itself, and how to get rid of it. Other useful and relevant technical information is also provided. Strategies for dealing with potential and actual virus outbreaks are described for business, academic and other environments, with the emphasis on sensible but not unreasonable precautions. All users of IBM PC or compatible computers - from single machines to major LAN's - will find this book invaluable. All that is required is a working knowledge of DOS. Dr. Alan Solomon has been conducting primary research into PC viruses since they first appeared, and has developed the best-selling virus protection software Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit.