Pearson business reference and writer's handbook (book alone)


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This easy-to-use reference tool helps users quickly access the information they need to solve writing problems and improve their use of Standard English. Offering a two books-in-one approach, it includes principles for producing grammatically correct documents (business reference manual) and concrete examples of how to improve and modify writing to meet specific communications objectives (writing handbook). Its functional organization is underscored by its color-coded design, clearly distinguishing between parts, sections, headings and topics so material is quick and easy to find. This book comes with a FREE eBook access code!



Part One Grammar


1 Basic Sentence Structure

1a the Parts of Speech in Sentences

1b Definitions of the Parts of the Speech

1c Subjects and Verbs (Predicates) in Sentences

1d Direct and Indirect Objects in Sentences

2 Subject-Verb Agreement

2a Basic Rule of Agreement

2b Subjects Joined by and

2c Subjects Joined by Other Connectors

2d Collective Nouns as Subjects

2e Pronouns as Subjects

2f Pronoun Subjects that Can Be Singular or Plural (Indefinite)

2gYou as a Subject

2h Phrases that Function as Subjects

3 Phrases in Sentences

3a Essential and Nonessential Phrases

3b Phrases Functioning as Subjects

3c Phrases Functioning as Modifiers

4 Clauses in Sentences

4aTypes of Sentences

4b Connecting Independent Clauses

4cAvoiding Comma Splices and Run-On Sentences

4d Connecting Dependent and Independent Clauses

4eCorrecting Sentence Fragments

4fParallel Construction of Clauses and Phrases

5 Verbs

5a Verb Tense

5b Perfect Tenses

5c Regular and Irregular Verbs

5d Forming Tenses of Verbs

5e List of Irregular Verb Forms

5f The Voice of Verbs (Active and Passive)

5g Verb Mood (Indicative, Imperative, Subjunctive)

5h Split Infinitive in Verb Phrases