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Updatedin anew 2010 edition, this drug guide provides safe, effective, current,and accurate drug information in a quickly accessible format. Comprehensive and complete, all drugs are listed alphabetically by generic names for quick referral, with an index that includes both generic and trade names. Included are important clinical information for hundreds of drugs including adverse reactions, interactions, and side effects. This is the only handbook that consistently breaks dosages down to the level of neonate, infant, and adolescent and also includes dosage requirements for obese patients and patients undergoing dialysis.

About the Authors/ v

Editorial Review Panel/ vi

Preface/ viii

Classification Scheme and Prototype Drugs/ xi

Alphabetical Entries for Generic Drugs/ 1 1635

Appendix A. Ocular Medications, Low Molecular Weight Heparins, Inhaled Corticosteroids, and Topical Corticosteroids/ 1638

Appendix B. U.S. Schedules of Controlled Substances/ 1651

Appendix C. FDA Pregnancy Categories/ 1653

Appendix D. Oral Dosage Forms That Should Not Be Crushed/ 1654

Appendix E. Prescription Combination Drugs/ 1661

Appendix F. Glossary of Key Terms, Clinical Conditions, and Associated Signs and Symptoms/ 1675

Appendix G. Abbreviations/ 1681

Appendix H. Herbal and Dietary Supplement Table/ 1688

Bibliography/ 1690

Index/ 1691

Common Drug IV-Site Compatibility Chart/ After the Index