Performance Management
A business process benchmarking approach

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The modern way to improve productivity is by a process- oriented approach. This involves focusing on performance in a company rather than on efficiency. This new way of thinking, commonly referred to as business process re-engineering, is clearly discussed in this book. The book aims to provide readers with a detailed overview of performance measurement and productivity improvement techniques and practice.
Part One: Productivity and competitiveness - an introduction to performance. The productivity term. Productivity studies. Competitiveness studies. Competitiveness and competitive advantage. Background for performance management. Part Two: Performance planning. The traditional planning hierarchy. Performance planning to ensure business achievements. Part Three: Performance review. Modelling in manufacturing enterprises. Performance measurement. Performance evaluation. Part Four: Performance improvement. Performance Improvement strategies. Benchmarking. Aspects and approaches to quality. Quality and productivity improvement techniques. Part Five: Performance influencing factors. Managers concepts. Production management. Project management. Purchasing. References. Index.