Perspectives on teaching and learning english literacy in China


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This is one of two volumes by the same editors that explore historical, philosophical, and cultural perspectives on literacy in China. This volume focuses on English literacy in China, while the other volume is on Chinese literacy. In modern day China, English has enjoyed an increasingly important status in education, but not without challenges. The essays in this volume provide a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary look at changes in English literacy practices and literacy instruction in China from the first English school in the 19th century to recent curriculum reform efforts to modernize English instruction from basic education through higher education. Together, the essays address a wide array of topics, including early childhood English education, uses of information technology to teach English, and teaching English to Chinese minority students. This work is essential reading for those who want to expand their understanding of English literacy education in China.
Introduction: Jiening Ruan and Cynthia B. Leung.- 1. Social Ideologies and the English Curriculum in China: A Historical Overview: Ran Hu & Bob Adamson .- 2. English Language Teaching in Higher Education in China: A Historical and Social Overview: An Cheng & Qiuying Wang .- 3. English Curriculum and Assessment for Basic Education in China: Yonqi Gu .- 4. Early Childhood English Education in China: Zhenyou Yu & Jiening Ruan .- 5. Chinese Primary School English Curriculum Reform: Dongbo Zhang .- 6. 21st Century Senior High School English Curriculum Reform in China: Qiang Wang & Zehang Chen .- 7. English Curriculum in Higher Education in China for Non-English Majors: Meihua Li .- 8. After School English Language Learning in China: Ping Liu .- 9. English Teaching and Learning in Ethnic Minority Regions in China: Challenges and Opportunities: Anwei Feng .- 10. Use of Technology to Support the Learning and Teaching of English in China: Guofang Li & Xiaopeng Ni