Phronesis and Quiddity in Management
A School of Knowledge Approach


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Phronesis and Quiddity in Management addresses the issue of the excellence in judgment-making, its concept and characterisation. This book investigates first into what constitutes excellent managerial skills centred on leadership revolving around judgement-making (rather than decision-making) and second into whether they can be taught.
1. Introduction 2. The Rationalist Approach To Judgement-Making. Description And Critique 3. The Metaphysics Of Judgement-Making: Contingency 4. Consciousness And Quiddity 5. Phronesis And Quiddity 6. Conclusions And Discussions Annex 1: Sazo Idemitsu (1885-1981) Annex 2: Kazuo Inamori Annex 3: La Fageda: Knowledge Generation In Social Business