Plant science (5th ed )


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Unit I: Environmental, Cultural, and Social Factors That Influence the Cultivation and Utilization of Plants

Chapter 1: History, Trends, Issues, and Challenges in Plant Science

Chapter 2: Terrestrial Ecosysems and Their Relationship to Cultivating Plants

Chapter 3: Plants for Human Use

Chapter 4: Climate - Solar radiation, Water, Temperature, Atmosphere

Chapter 5: Soils

Unit II: Plant structure, chemistry, growth and development, genetics and biodiversity

Chapter 6: Structure of Higher Plants

Chapter 7: Stages of Growth and Development

Chapter 8: Plant Chemistry and Metabolism

Chapter 9: Genetics and propagation

Chapter 10: Biodiversity

Chapter 11: Photosynthesis and Respiration

Chapter 12: Soil,Water, and Plant Relationships

Chapter 13: Nutrients

Unit III: Principles and Practices for the Production and Utilization of Plants

Chapter 14: Soil,Water, Fertility Management

Chapter 15: Integrated Management of Weeds, Insects, and Diseases

Chapter 16: General Considerations For Production, Harvest, Postharvest Handling, and Marketing

Chapter 17: Agronomic crops grown for food, fiber, fuel and other industrial uses (Peter Thomison)

Chapter 18: Forage crops

Chapter 19: Vegetable crops

Chapter 20: Temperate fruit crops

Chapter 21: Tropical and subtropical fruits and nuts

Chapter 22: Nursery Production. (Gary Bachman)

Chapter 23: Landscape plants

Chapter 24: Greenhouse crop production

Chapter 25: Turfgrass for golf courses, athletic fields and lawns (David Gardner

Chapter 26: Residential and Public Landscapes