PowerPoint 95/97 (paper)


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126 p. · Paperback
This brief, highly graphical, colorfully illustrated text offers a beginning skill level in less than 200 pages.

Unique pedagogical design has students see, do, practice, and test every software skill motivated by concept explanation.

A maximum of 70 skills are covered, each in a 2 - 3 page spread which graphically demonstrates and reinforces the concept.

Introductory skills are covered in easily absorbed 2 - 3 page spreads which graphically demonstrate and reinforce each concept.

A business case scenario, running throughout the text, integrates all the concepts and applications.

Student Data Files are packaged in the Instructor's Manual (on a CD) and can be copied onto a disk for students, and/or copied to computers in the lab, or placed on the the lab's network.

A separate, stand-alone, student CD-ROM is available and can be used in place of the text or to support the text.

The CD-ROM includes all the features of the text plus a fully interactive self-test at the end of each chapter. Students practice and test their skills by completing a series of tasks. Scored output can be reviewed by the student, printed, or recorded to a disk or a Local Area Network for the instructor.

In addition, the CD will be supported by a powerful, comprehensive task-based testing system.

A Windows-based computerized test bank supports the text and offers on-screen testing and results-reporting capabilities.

1: Introduction PowerPoint 2: Designing and Creating a Presentation 3: Enhancing Your Presentation 4: Integrating Microsoft Applications