Practical review of german grammar, a (3° ed )


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Based on an empirical approach, this popular German grammar review is arranged as a flexible classroom book or reference grammar. Concepts are explained in step-by-step fashion. KEY TOPICS: The book is designed to enhance comprehension. Exercises now include more contextualized practice of grammer points and are more consistent in length. It also includes an Appendix which covers information on German spelling reforms. Features exercises that are in natural German, frequently in conversational form. Provides quick-reference footnotes for words presumed to be unknown. MARKET: For anyone interested in the German language.
1. Preliminary Remarks about German Word Order. 2. Verbs in the Present Tense, The Imperative. 3. Verbs in the Past and Future Tenses. 4. Modal Auxiliaries. 5. The Nouns. 6. der- Words and ein- Words, Personal Pronouns. 7. Prepositions, da-/wo- Compounds, Interrogatives. 8. Adjectives. 9. Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs. 10. Numerals, Time Expressions. 11. Conjunctions, Infinitive Phrases. 12. The Subjunctive, Part Part 1: . 13. The Subjunctive, Part Part 2: . 14. der- Words and ein- Words Used as Pronouns, Indefinite Pronouns, Relative Clauses. 15. Reflexives, Reciprocal Pronouns, Uses of selbst/selber. 16. The Passive Voice. 17. Word Order Variations. 18. Additional Features of German Grammar. Appendix. German-English Vocabulary. Glossary of Grammatical Terms Used in This Book. Index.