Practical sedimentology (2nd ed' 94) (2nd Ed., Softcover reprint of the original 2nd ed. 1994)


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The new edition of this successful text is designed to provide an introduction to, and a concise review of principles and interpretations related to sedimentary process, environments, and deposits. The book emphasizes application over theory and features many summary tables and figures, as well as extensive and up-to-date references. The companion volume by the same authors, Analytical Sedimentology, provides cookbook recipes for common analytical procedures dealing with sediments, as well as an introduction to the principles and reference sources for procedures that generally would be performed by specialist consultants or commercial laboratories. Practical Sedimentology was designed as a supplemental text for students or a reference manual for practitioners, and it will be an essential reference for students in the geosciences and environmental sciences.
Preface, Introduction: Scope of sedimentology, General description of sediments and sedimentary rocks, Selected general textbooks and references, Environments of sedimentation: Tectonics, eustacy, climate: megacontrols of environment, Processes and environment, Organisms and environment, Environmental models, Selected bibliography, Processes in sedimentation: Surficial chemical processes, Surficial physical processes, Diagenesis, Biological processes, Volcanic processes, Selected bibliography, Sedimentary structures: Inorganic structures, Biogenic structures, Selected bibliography, Texture of detrital sediments: Grain size, Roundness, Sphericity, Surface texture, Fabric, Textural maturity, Sediment texture in environmental impact assessment, Selected bibliography, Composition of detrital sediments: Detrital sandstones, Rudites, Lutites, Selected bibliography, Clays and colloids: Mineralogy, Cation exchange, Origin, Colloidal sediments, Glauconite, Selected bibliography, Sedimentary carbonates: Mineralogy, Classification, Biota in carbonate sedimentation, Carbonate environments, Diagenesis, Selected bibliography, Chemical sediments: Evaporites, Iron in sedimentation, Other chemical sediments, Selected bibliography, Environmental and scientific reporting: Sedimentologists and environmental impact studies, Planning and writing a report, Structure and components of a paper or report, Citations, references, and bibliographies, Writing style, Verbal presentation of reports, Selected bibliography.