Prentice hall intravenous drug guide 2011-2012 (2nd ed )


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Updated in a new edition for 2011-2012, this Intravenousdrug guide provides safe, effective, current,and accurate I.V. drug information in a quickly accessible format. Comprehensive and complete, it details all intravenous medicationswith preparation and administration so complete - no other IV resource is necessary. All drugs are listed alphabetically by generic names for quick referral, with an index that includes both generic and trade names. Some additional features include:

  • Critical dosage, preparation, and administration adjustments by relevant clinical indication, weight, and age, including clear and easy-to-read dosing tables where applicable
  • Comprehensive incompatibilities for solution, additive and Y-site preparations
  • Clear and easy-to-read dosing tables for chemotherapeutic drugs according to National Cancer Institute toxicity scales
  • National Institute of Health recommendations for handling cytotoxic drugs
  • FDA pregnancy categories
  • Clinically relevant adverse effects, contraindications, and cautions
  • Important assessment guidelines and monitoring parameters
  • Comprehensive patient and family teaching guidelines
  • Clear, precise nursing implications for assessment and monitoring patients
  • Unique glossary of key terms, clinical conditions, and associated signs and symptoms

    This is a perefect resource for practicing nurses!

  • Editorial Review Panel


    Classification Scheme and Prototype Drugs

    Alphabetical Entries for Generic Intravenous Drugs

    Appendix A. U.S. Schedules of Controlled Substances

    Appendix B. FDA Pregnancy Categories

    Appendix C. Glossary of Key Terms, Clinical Conditions, and Associated Signs and Symptoms

    Appendix D. Abbreviations

    Appendix E. Recommendations for the Safe Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs

    Appendix F. Toxicity Grades Associated with Chemotherapy



    Common Drug IV-Site Compatibility Chart