Prentice hall molecular model set for general and organic chemistry

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Designed for general chemistry courses that consider a lot of organic examples, or for students who plan to continue in organic chemistry.

The PH molecular model set can be used to construct realistic scale models illustrating the molecular structures of many thousands of compounds. With it one can build molecular models of representative compounds from virtually all classes of organic and inorganic compounds, including hydrocarbons, alcohols, carbonyls, thiols, sulfonic acids, phosphates, boranes, Grignard reagents, and many more.
Could your general chemistry students benefit from a model kit? Would you like one they can take on with them to organic chemistry?
1. Hydrogen (28).
2. Carbon (14).
3. Oxygen (8).
4. Nitrogen (4).
5. Chlorine (8).
6. Bromine (2).
7. Sulfur/Metal (2).
8. Phosphorus/Iodine (2).
9. Boron/Trigonal Bipyramidal Metal (2).
10. Octahedral Metal (2).
Plus assorted links and a link-remover tool.
  • Constructs models of many inorganic and organic compounds.
  • Relates the physical and chemical properties of compounds to their molecular structures.
  • Models help bring to life such concepts as stereoisomerism and conformational analysis.
  • The only model kit on the market with an instruction booklet (an illustrated 16-pg booklet explaining how to build various models).