Prentice Hall's environmental technology series vol IV : sampling & analysis


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Volume 4 is a serious how-to textbook covering both theory in the development of a sampling plan and definitive concepts in obtaining a representative sample. It provides an overview of environmental and hazardous materials protocols and procedures with emphasis placed on documentation.
About the Authors.
1. Overview of Sampling Operations, Patrick K. Holley.
2. Sampling Equipment, Devices, and Containers, Patrick K. Holley.
3. Sampling Techniques and Procedures for Soil and Water, Patrick K. Holley.
4. Sampling Plans, Patrick K. Holley.
5. Documentation and Data Interpretation, Patrick K. Holley.
6. Site Safety and Health Plans, Patrick K. Holley.
7. Environmental Hygiene Sampling Gas, Vapors, and Aerosols, Dean R. Lillquist and David O. Wallace.
8. Environmental Hygiene Sampling Air-Sampling Strategies and Instruments, Dean R. Lillquist and David O. Wallace.
9. Groundwater Monitoring Concepts, Michael A. Williams.
10. Laboratory Methods of Analysis, Sim D. Lessley.
11. Nondestructive Testing Technology, Mark Sabolik.
Verification Sampling and Analysis Plan for Sediment and Water Sampling Rulison Drilling Effluent Pond.
  • Spans a broad range of topics, including: Random sampling, quality control, shipping and handling guidelines, laboratory methods of analyses, various methods of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).