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Preparing to Use Technology is a concise and comprehensive guide to the technology applications that are essential skills in the classrooms of today.This text features a basic understanding of current software applications, adaptations for special learners, and ideas for curriculum integration. Instructors will find a user-friendly format with an appropriate balance of directive skill building activities and exploration. Each chapter focuses on a technology concept and includes 1) research frameworks 2) basics which includes how teachers as well as students can use the technology in teaching and learning 3) provides a testimonial from a technology using teacher that has implemented lessons successfully, 4) offers example 'curriculum connections' and shares ways to adapt for special learners with each. The entire text is aligned with the revised NETS *S and NETS*T standards. Prospective teachers, as well as teachers who want to use technology, will find the style is direct and easy to follow.

Section I: Preparing to Use Technology
1. Preparing to Use Technology
2. Hardware Basics
3. Software Basics
4. Portfolios

Section II: Using Research and Communication Tools to Enhance Learning
5. The Internet
6. Word Processing

Section III: Using Visual Learning Tools to Enhance Learning
7. Digital Images
8. Diagrams, Maps, and Webs

Section IV: Using Problem-Solving Tools to Enhance Learning
9. Databases
10. Spreadsheets

Section IV: Using Multimedia Authoring Tools to Enhance Learning
11. Multimedia/Presentation Tools
12. Web Authoring