Principles of Biomedical Informatics


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This book provides a foundation for understanding the fundamentals of biomedical informatics, which deals with the storage, retrieval, and use of biomedical data for biological problem solving and medical decision making. It covers the application of these principles to the three main biomedical domains of basic biology, clinical medicine, and public health. The author offers a coherent summary, focusing on the three core concept areas of biomedical data and knowledge representation: biomedical information access, biomedical decision making, and information and technology use in biomedical contexts.

* Develops principles and methods for representing biomedical data, using information in context and in decision making, and accessing information to assist the medical community in using data to its full potential

* Provides a series of principles for expressing biomedical data and ideas in a computable form to integrate biological, clinical, and public health applications

* Includes a discussion of user interfaces, interactive graphics, and knowledge resources and reference material on programming languages to provide medical informatics programmers with the technical tools to develop systems
Part I Foundations of Biomedical Informatics
Chapter 1 Biomedical data
Chapter 2 Symbolic Biomedical Knowledge
Chapter 3 Probabilistic Biomedical Knowledge
Chapter 4 Biomedical Information Access

Part II Biomedical Ideas and Computational Realizations
Chapter 5 Computing With Genes, Proteins and Cells
Chapter 6 Modeling Biological Structure
Chapter 7 Drug Interactions
Chapter 8 Medical Data Communication
Chapter 9 Cancer Radiotherapy Planning
Chapter 10 Software Safety and System Security

Appendix A Lisp Notes, Software and Other Resources