Principles of electronic devices


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1. Review of Circuit Analysis.

2. Semiconductor Diodes.

3. Applications of Diode-Resistor Circuits.

4. Bipolar Junction Transistors.

5. BJT-Resistor Circuit Applications.

6. Field-Effect Transistors.

7. FET-Resistor Circuit Applications.

8. Frequency Response.

9. Introduction to Amplifiers.

10. BJT Small-Signal Amplifier Circuits.

11. FET Small-Signal Amplifier Circuits.

12. Multistage Amplifiers.

13. Differential and Operational Amplifiers.

14. Negative Feedback.

15. Operational Amplifier Linear Circuits.

16. Nonlinear Electronic Circuits.

17. Oscillator Circuits.

18. High-Frequency Effects in Amplifiers.

19. Power Amplifiers.

20. Power Supplies.

21. Active Filters.

22. Analog-To-Digital and Digital-To-Analog Conversion.

Appendixes: A. Resistor Values. B. Capacitor Values. C. Hybrid Parameters. D. Data Sheets. E. Elements of PSpice.

Answers to Selected Odd-Numbered Problems.