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It’s no secret that cloud-based computing is the next big movement in IT, and Microsoft is right there in the market with Office 365—a cloud-based productivity suite which includes a hosted, cloud-focused version of SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint 2010 developers who have traditionally developed for on-premise environments will suddenly find themselves being asked to develop for the cloud. While there is a lot of overlap between cloud-based and traditional SharePoint development, there are also some important differences and considerations that must be taken into account as well. In particular, the proliferation of cloud-based solutions was a driving force behind certain new features in SharePoint 2010, like sandboxed solutions and the new client object model.

As the devil is always in the details, Pro SharePoint 2010 Development for Office 365 helps you navigate the changes and develop compelling applications and solutions for SharePoint Online in Office 365. Authors Dave Milner, Bart McDonough, and Paul Stork bring to the table decades of experience in real-world development of solutions for customers—expertise that is the practical result of what works in real-world customer environments. This proven team will cover with you the architectural landscape that SharePoint in the cloud represents, discuss the steps in setting up a development environment, and cover multiple real-world development approaches, technologies, and considerations.

  1. Getting Started with Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  2. SharePoint Online Development Overview
  3. Setting Up a Development Environment for SharePoint Online
  4. Basic Customization Using Only a Browser
  5. Taking It to the Next Level with SharePoint Designer
  6. InfoPath Forms and SharePoint Online
  7. Custom Development with Visual Studio
  8. SharePoint Designer
  9. Intro to Client-Side Development
  10. Client-Side Development with Silverlight
  11. Developing with jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3
  12. Hybrid On-Premise/Online Solutions
  13. Office 365 Preview (Office 2013) 
Dave Milner is a senior SharePoint architect and the products lead at ShareSquared, where he builds SharePoint products and helps companies implement their SharePoint solutions. Dave is a technology professional with deep understanding of Microsoft technologies, including 19 years of IT experience and experience with Microsoft technologies spanning over a decade. Dave holds a master's in business administration with a technology management focus, and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He has also obtained other advanced Microsoft certifications in the .NET and SharePoint areas. He also a certified Scrum Master, having successfully implementing Scrum methodologies with several application development and solution teams. In the technology community, Dave is a frequent speaker and trainer at local and national SharePoint and .NET related events. He serves on the leadership team of COSPUG (the Colorado SharePoint User Groups) and helps run the local branch in Colorado Springs; he s also involved in other local technology groups. When he s not working on technology, Dave enjoys the outdoors of Colorado Springs where he lives with his wife and two children.
Pro SharePoint 2010 Development for Office 365 helps you navigate the changes and develop compelling applications and solutions for SharePoint Online in Office 365.