Proactive police management (8th ed )


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Widely used throughout criminal justice and police science programs, this book emphasizes a contemporary and proactive approach to police management. Various police management styles are addressed throughout, from traditional scientific management to the behavioral/systems approach to the human relations approach. Its chapters take a realistic look at operational problems that can occur within a police department and how a consultative, proactive management style can help solve and resolve them. Fully updated in this edition, its goal is to reveal how proactive management techniques and new technology are revolutionizing police management today. Some new features include:

  • Includes new studies on female and gay and lesbian police officers
  • Covers dispersed leadership as a new concept for managers
  • Discusses new technologies being used in patrol operations
  • Includes the latest developments in intelligence-based policing

This book is used for training police supervisors and administrators and is required reading for civil service promotional examinations.

1. Historical Perspective

2. Police Culture

3. The Art and Style of Proactive Police Leadership

4. Purposes and Principles of Police Organizations

5. Operating Principles

6. Proactive Communication and Information Management

7. Proactive Police Technology for the Twenty-First Century

8. Patrol Operations and Community Policing

9. Basic Line Functions

10. Administrative/Staff Functions

11. Auxiliary Functions

12. Human Resources Management

13. Training

14. Proactive Planning

15. Collective Bargaining and Police Management

16. The Future of Proactive Police Management