Probability and Measure Theory (2nd Ed.)


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Probability and Measure Theory, Second Edition, is a text for a graduate-level course in probability that includes essential background topics in analysis. It provides extensive coverage of conditional probability and expectation, strong laws of large numbers, martingale theory, the central limit theorem, ergodic theory, and Brownian motion.

  • Clear, readable style
  • Solutions to many problems presented in text
  • Solutions manual for instructors
  • Material new to the second edition on ergodic theory, Brownian motion, and convergence theorems used in statistics
  • No knowledge of general topology required, just basic analysis and metric spaces
  • Efficient organization
Summary of Notation
Fundamentals of Measure and Integration Theory
Further Results in Measure and Integration Theory
Introduction to Functional Analysis
Basic Concepts of Probability
Conditional Probability and Expectation
Strong Laws of Large Numbers and Martingale Theory
The Central Limit Theorem
Ergodic Theory
Brownian Motion and Stochastic Integrals
Graduate students, faculty, and other professionals in mathematics, statistics, engineering, and economics; graduate students and professionals in physics and computer science.

Robert B. Ash as written about, taught, or studied virtually every area of mathematics. His books include Information Theory, Topics in Stochastic Processes, The Calculus Tutoring Book, Introduction to Discrete Mathematics, and A Primer of Mathematics.