Procedures in the justice system


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For courses in Judicial Process, Criminal Courts, Criminal Procedure, Introduction to Courts, and Judicial Procedures and Practices.

This text covers the American criminal courts and judicial process using a sequential approach-following law violators from arrest to conviction and sentencing. Each chapter examines the roles that law enforcement agencies, courts and correctional departments play in the process. Illustrations, court documents and cases help make procedures more real and concrete. Fully updated in this edition, the book features the latest on courtroom evidence, new Supreme Court decisions and more information on victims' rights and programs.

1. Historical Development of Law and the Justice System

2. Search and Seizure

3. Arrest and Custody

4. Initial Appearance

5. Pretrial Proceedings

6. Place and Time of Trial

7. Trial

8. Confrontation and Assistance of Counsel

9. Pretrial Motions, Hearings, and Plea Negotiations

10. Courtroom Evidence

11. Trial: Roles of Major Participants

12. Jury

13. Trial Procedure

14. Instructions and Deliberation of the Jury

15. The Verdict and Appeals

16. Sentencing

17. Collateral Proceedings

18. Victims' Rights

Appendix A: Outline of Trial Procedure

Appendix B: Motion for the Production and Inspection of Evidence and Information that May Lead to Evidence

Glossary Index

Subject Index

Case Index