Proceedings of the plasma space science symposium, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1965
Held at the Catholic University of America Washington, D.C., June 11-14, 1963

Astrophysics and Space Science Library Series, Vol. 3

Coordinators: Chang C.C., Huang S.S.

Language: Anglais
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Proceedings of the Plasma Space Science Symposium
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Proceedings of the plasma space science symposium
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Space, whether interplanetary or interstellar, is filled with plasma or ionized gas. The success of space exploration must count heavily on the study and understanding ofthe plasma. With this view, the Symposium ofPlasma Space Science was held at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Goddard Space Flight Center, June 11-14, 1963. The symposium was organized by Dr. C. C. Chang as director and Dr. Y. C. Whang as assistant director. The proceedings consist of four parts. The first part describes the solar phenomena: solar magnetic field, flare, atmosphere, cosmic rays, radiation, etc. The second part deals with the solar wind or interplanetary plasma. This includes both theoretical treatment and experimental measurements of Mariner H. The third part is concen­ trated on magnetosphere, with the measurements on trapped radiation from natural sources and high altitude thermonuclear explosions, and particularly with the magnetopause. The fourth and last part includes the ring current, geomagnetic storms, the aurora, the ionosphere and lunar surface phenomena. There was round table discussion in each session. Many interesting comments and stimulating arguments emerged from the floor and are included in the Proceedings.
Welcoming Address.- Welcoming Address on Behalf of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.- I/Solar Phenomena.- The Solar Magnetic.- Kinematics of Solar Flares.- Solar Flares and Concurrent Phenomena in the Solar Atmosphere.- Observational Study of the Dynamics of the Solar Atmosphere.- II/Interplanetary Plasma and Cosmic Rays.- Interplanetary Solar-Wind Measurements by Mariner II.- The Plasma in Interplanetary Space.- Coronal Expansion and Solar Corpuscular Radiation.- Solar Proton Experiments.- III/Magnetosphere, Magnetopause And Trapped Radiation.- On the Penetration of Interplanetary Plasma into the Magnetosphere.- Null Points in Space Plasma.- The Artificial Radiation Belt made on July 9, 1962.- Studies of Trapped Radiation by the Telstar I and Explorer XV Satellites.- Low Energy Trapped Protons and Electrons.- Preliminary Results of Magnetic Field Measurements in the Tail of the Geomagnetic Cavity.- Observations of the Geomagnetic Cavity Boundaries.- IV / Miscellaneous Geophysical and Lunar Phenomena.- The Ring Current, Geomagnetic Storms and the Aurora.- Ionospheric Research from Space Vehicles.- Observational Manifestations of the Interaction of the Lunar Surface with Interplanetary Space.